Drawing Orchestra  captures emotions in motion.


Focusing on faces and body expressions, we accentuate the emotional experience of a performance or event. Improvisational drawing layers impressions, imagery, and memories.

D.O. uses drawing to amplify facial emotion, gestures, and actions. Our freehand and digital processing technique can be applied to capture big ideas and unique aspects of performances and social events. This approach easily pivots to engagement surrounding news events, innovation, medicine,  science, art and technology. 

Drawing Orchestra

Artist & Founder: Pamela Davis Kivelson,

Lynne Yan, Jacob Cole, Brooke Heckert,

Benjamin Englard, Zane Anderson,

Cameron, Washington, Daniel Friedman, Albert Richard Zhang, Fia Jones, Mayra Heron, Liz Sommer.

Wherever there is a disconnect between professionals and the public, our orchestra of raw emotions will serve to humanize the unknown and remind us of our basic connections across any artificial divide.